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•  Information about book: Engineering Science And Application Design For     Belt Conveyors - Author Ishwar Mulani.

•  Information about book: Belt Feeder Design And Hopper Bin Silo - Author    Ishwar Mulani. Both the books are available as printed and bound books     only, against placement of order with payment, to Ishwar Mulani. Both  the
    books are legally protected by Government of India copyright  registration.

• Information about available computer aided design programs,
   updated September 2013



This website information pertains to belt conveyor, belt feeder and hopper bin silo, which form part of bulk material handling systems. The bulk material handling equipment and system is a specialised branch of mechanical engineering.

There are various types of equipment for handling of bulk materials; wherein belt conveyor is a prominent feature. The belt conveyor is rightly referred as work-horse for handling of bulk materials. The feeders and hopper bin silo are also indispensable part of such plants.


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